July 26th, 2013

Connectin’ people

by Michael Shanks


Heritage, Performance, Designmore
Pearson|Shanks 1993-2013more
Archaeology in the Making: Conversations through a Disciplinemore
Archaeologies of Presence: Art, Performance and the Persistence of Beingmore
Itinerarium Septentrionale One - Coastmore
Ghosts in the Mirrormore
Archaeology: The Discipline of Thingsmore
The Archaeological Imaginationmore
Art and the Greek City State: An Interpretive Archaeologymore
Experiencing the Pastmore
Interpreting Archaeology: Finding Meaning in the Pastmore
Classical Archaeology of Greecemore
Social Theory and Archaeologymore
Reconstructing Archaeologymore


The artist and the scientistmore
Three Roomsmore
Echoes across the past: chorography and topography in antiquarian engagements with placemore
Memory practices and the archaeological imagination in risk society: design and long-term continuitymore
Artereality: rethinking craft in a knowledge economymore
The perfume of garbage: modernity and the archaeologicalmore
Archaeologies of the Modernmore
Ten feet and three quarters of an inch of theatremore
Culture/Archaeology: the dispersal of a discipline and its objectsmore
Post processual archaeology and aftermore
Processual, postprocessual and interpretive archaeologiesmore
Art and an archaeology of embodiment: some aspects of Archaic Greecemore
The craft of archaeology

22 июля, понедельник. Полевой дневник Курортного и Пятницкого раскопов

Оригинал взят у starcheolog в 22 июля, понедельник. Полевой дневник Курортного и Пятницкого раскопов
Работа на раскопах отнимает много сил и времени, поэтому записи в дневнике появляются реже. Надеюсь, что скоро удастся исправить ситуацию.

Переборка слоя

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